The Shafer Farm LLC

The 2022 peach U-pick is now open for our first variety Glenglo! We are looking at about August 1st for Redhaven and Saturn peaches to start. Our hours are 9-6 daily as long as we have ripe peaches available. Please remember to check with us before you head out for the most up to date info on what is currently available to pick, by calling 269-422-1972. It’s recommended that you bring baskets or shallow boxes to transfer your peaches into before traveling home to prevent bruising. We don’t sell peaches already picked, sorry.  Hope to see you very soon! 

All peach varieties in order of ripening:

Glenglo, Redhaven, Saturn and Buenos (available pre-picked only), Bellaire, Allstar, Glohaven, Glowing Star, Gloria, & Loring.

9 thoughts on “Peaches

  1. I know the answer to this, but was sold drops at a market here and they were horrible to work with. These are not drops correct?


  2. We plan to charge around $30 per half bushel this year due to rising labor and production costs (a $4 increase over last year). Thanks.


  3. Hi there. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee a call back when peaches are ready due to the high volume of calls. We ask that you keep checking by calling us at 269-422-1972. We expect Redhaven to come on approximately August 1st and lasting for about 10 days or so. Hope to see you soon!


  4. Could you please call and leave us a message when the Red Havens are ready to pick. We would really appreciate it. Ed Duncan 219-942-6794.


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