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It’s looking like a good 2020 U-pick season ahead. The peaches, apples, and grapes are looking great! Peach season typically opens in late July or early August. Check back in mid to late June for updates. Thank you.

The 2017 Season saw a major change at Shafer Orchards. Tom and Wendie Shafer decided to step aside from the farm and U-pick operation.

The farm and U-pick business has been leased to Doug and Suzy Forraht, an established local family experienced in fruit production and sales. The Forraht’s created a new entrance to the farm and set up a sales building at 9800 Hartline Road, Baroda MI 49101. The new farm name is now “The Shafer Farm LLC.” We are confident that you will continue to enjoy picking the same quality fruit you have become accustomed to picking when you come to the farm. We encourage you to come to the farm and begin a relationship with Doug and Suzy and their family. You will find them to be friendly and ready to show you where and how to pick some of the best fruits produced anywhere.

Call 269-422-1972 for more information.


You may contact us using the form below.

6 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. is this weekend the last of all peaches or just the three kinds on the voicemail? so will there be other kinds of peaches to pick after this weekend?


    1. We still have a nice crop of Glowing Star available. Loring and Gloria are very light. These are the last varieties of the year.


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